For when the time comes…

Compassionate Cremation Services

Knowing the joy of loving a pet, the unconditional love that they give us, how do we cope and what happens when the time comes to say 'goodbye'? In a state of shock and grief, it can often be difficult to think clearly to make the right decision about the final arrangements for your pet.

R.I.Pets are the Cape's most trusted pet cremation services

R.I.Pets offers a number of services giving you the reassurance of knowing that when the time comes, we will carry out your wishes with the utmost professional care.

Individual Cremation (ROA)
Standard Cremation (SC)
R.I.Pets Green Burial
Communal Internment
at City of Cape Town Landfill
Sitting on a sand dune with man's best friend

Cremation Services

R.I.Pets offers a number of services giving you the reassurance of knowing that when the time comes, we will carry out your wishes with the utmost professional care.

Individual Cremation (ROA*)

Your pet will be individually cremated, separate from any other pets. The ashes will be returned to you in a unique, hand-crafted pottery urn, with a certificate confirming the cremation date and the authenticity of your pet's ashes.

* Return Of Ashes

Standard Cremation (SC)

This service is offered to customers who do not wish to keep the remains of their pets but still have the peace of mind that they have been cremated. A number of pets are cremated together in the same cremation.

R.I.Pets Green Burial

R.I.Pets are pleased to now offer the Green Burial service. The Green Burial option is a legislated environmentally friendly, above ground, communal composting process of pet mortalities.

Communal Internment

Unfortunately, there are no pet cemeteries in Cape Town. In line with current legislation, R.I.Pets utilizes the permitted CCT landfill site where pets are placed into a communal grave with those of other pets.

(Please note that there is no visitation allowed to these areas)

Customer testimonials

"I'm using the trusted service of R.I.Pets for many years to honour the memory of my beloved cats in a special way. It was such a comfort to know my... animals are in caring hands to ease my pain of grief and loss… a team, who always treated my animal companions with much compassion, integrity and dignity. Thank you Karin, for all you have done for me with extra service of comforting phone calls after individual collection."

Bettina Rupp

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Pet tributes

I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away, then I wrote it in the sky, but the wind blew it away, so I wrote it on my heart and that's where it will always stay.

R.I.Pets Lexi


Lexi was a rescue, and with us for 3 years and passed at the age of 5 years old. She was a loveable, faithful, no- fuss-natured girl. She adored her walkies every 2nd day next to the coastline, always ready to chase the Dassies or Seagulls. I have intense pain when I think of Lexi and my heart just crumbled in a million pieces this morning. I still miss them terribly but their beautiful urns are right behind me, and that surely gives some comfort
R.I.Pets Keiran


He had no pedigree and it really didn't matter - he was simply the best cat ever and certainly one of my all time favourites. He was just a regular long-haired tuxedo who was dumped here one evening in May of 2013. At that point he was 8 months old and he had had two homes. The people that dumped him are known to me but I wouldn't consider them friends. I loved him to bits. I have a 6-year-old Russian Blue and a dog, but the house is empty without Kieran.
R.I.Pets Kaptein


Kaptein was adopted from the SPCA, he was 4 months old when we adopted him. Kaptein and my son grew up together.T hey were inseparable. Later my daughter was born, Kaptein was now fully in charge of his siblings. He was the childrens protector. Kaptein was loved, so much love for such a brave fighting boy, he didn't want to leave us, but it was time, at the age of 16 years, his time on earth was over, Heaven needed an Angel to protect all the little one's.