R.I.Pets Crematorium


The R.I.Pets crematorium was imported from the United Kingdom and comprises three individual chambers dedicated to the cremation of domestic pets.

These chambers are of varying sizes and accommodate the professional individual cremation process for pet owners requesting the single return of ashes (ROA) service.

The larger chamber is used for the standard cremation service where a number of pets may be cremated together in the same cycle.

Individual Cremation (ROA*)

Your pet will be individually cremated in the R.I.Pets crematorium and their ashes returned in a handmade pottery urn. A certificate confirming the cremation date and authenticity of the ashes will also be provided.

* Return Of Ashes

Standard Cremation (SC)

This service is offered to customers who do not wish to keep the remains of their pets but still have the peace of mind that they have been cremated. A number of pets are cremated together in the same cremation cycle.

Burial option

R.I.Pets Green Burial

R.I.Pets are pleased to now offer the Green Burial service. The Green Burial option is a legislated environmentally friendly, above ground, communal composting process.

During this natural method the pets are respectfully laid to rest on a bed of organic material and covered with the same for a period of up to 12 months.

For pet owners who are not wanting to use the R.I.Pets cremation service, this method is considered a more accepted burial process than using the communal burial option at the City of Cape Town landfill site.

Communal Internment at City of Cape Town Landfill

Unfortunately, there are no pet cemeteries in Cape Town. In line with current legislation, R.I.Pets utilizes the permitted City of Cape Town landfill site where pets are placed into a communal grave with those of other pets.

(Please note that there is no visitation allowed to these areas.)

Frequently Asked Questions

R.I.Pets owns and operates a 3 chamber crematorium imported from the U.K. It is the only one of its kind in South Africa and ensures that the single cremation service of your pet is carried out professionally and ethically.

Strict measures and controls are in place throughout the various stages of our service including a comprehensive track and trace scanning system, identifying tags, colour coded body bags for the specific service requested, and a cremation register, all of which give peace of mind to pet owners.

The actual cremation process depends on the weight of your pet. For a small pet (under 10kgs) the cremation will take about 45 minutes and for a larger pet (35kgs) the cremation may take about 2 hours.

At R.I.Pets we aim to carry out our pet cremations within 24 hours of collection from the veterinary practice or your home and our crematorium operates 7 days per week.

We prepare the urn in the office the following day by writing on your pet’s name and decanting the ashes. Once the certificate is signed off, the urn is ready to be delivered to the veterinary practice or to your home.

At the end of the cremation cycle, your pet’s bones need to go through a process called cremulation (the same applies to human bones after their cremation). This is where the bones are reduced to ashes which are then decantered into an urn and returned to you.

Unfortunately this may not be allowed as it could cause air emissions from the crematorium. However, small natural fiber blankets and cotton toys should not be a problem so please ask your R.I.Pets consultant.

Unfortunately customers are not allowed to bring their deceased pets to our premises or be present during the cremation process. We will collect your pet from your home or the veterinary practice and bring them to our facility to carry out the service you have requested.

Should you change your mind on the cremation service requested, namely the standard cremation or the single return of ashes service please contact the veterinary practice immediately or the R.I.Pets consultant you spoke to and advise them accordingly.

If we have not yet started this cremation service you initially requested, we will most certainly be able to accommodate your request.

The standard cremation service is offered to pet owners not wanting their pet remains. A number of pets are cremated in the same cycle in the large chamber and the remains are disposed of at the Vissershok landfill site so as to comply with governing legislation.

On occasion, a token sample from these remains are scattered in our small memorial garden we have at our premises.

R.I.Pets have very strict policies and procedures in place at the veterinary practices we service which include :

  • providing Pet identification tags
  • the use of an electronic track and trace system for the management of all pets collected which ensures that there is traceability from the point of collection right until the final cremations service selected by the customer
  • providing uniquely barcoded and colour coded body bags specific to the cremation service requested
  • R.I.Pets provides on-site Cremation Registers which are kept at the veterinary practices the logging of all customer service requests and pet details
  • As a pet lover, it may be a very traumatic and sad for you to be part of this procedure provided by veterinary practices. You may see them twitch or take a final gasp of air which is a normal part of the process. However, please know that your pet is NOT in pain.

    R.I.Pets has 3 dedicated vehicles which collect from over 75 veterinary practices and on request collect from your home. We are on call 7 days a week to be of assistance to you at home.